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I cannot convert my sheet music to LiveScore. Why?

If the number of pages of the part you are trying to convert exceeds the amount of LiveScore credits you own for the current month (maximum 50 pages per month for Pro, Ensemble & Education users, 10 pages per month for users of Newzik Basic), you will not be able to convert your sheet music to LiveScore.

It is not possible to convert licensed sheet music to LiveScores.

Can I close my piece and/or my app or my browser window after launching a LiveScore conversion?

Yes - once a LiveScore conversion process has been launched, everything will occur in the background and you can safely leave the current piece or close your browser or app. You can check the status of your LiveScore conversions in the LiveScores Dashboard.

The conversion of my music to LiveScore is taking a long time. What is happening?

Converting PDF sheet music to LiveScores requires powerful Optical Music Recognition (OMR) algorithms and deep learning processes in order to get the best result possible. Depending on the number of pages and the complexity of your parts, the conversion process can take some time (up to a couple minutes per page). This process will become faster and faster in the future, thanks to Artificial Intelligence.

Is there a limit as to how many pieces I can convert to LiveScores?

Newzik Pro and Newzik Education subscribers can convert up to a maximum of 50 pages per calendar month (10 pages per month for users of Newzik Basic).

You can check how many pages you have left in the LiveScores Dashboard.

What musical elements can be converted?

Most common musical elements can be converted thanks to Maestria's deep learning technology. We are continuously working on making more and more musical elements compatible, and you can find the updated list of compatible musical elements here.