Offloading is a very practical functionality when you want to free up storage space on your device (but not only, as you will see below).

Piece offloading

In practice, offloading a piece means that the files it contains (PDF, audio, video, etc.) will no longer be stored on your device (but they will remain in your Newzik account, stored in the Newzik Cloud). You can download them again at any time, as long as you have access to an internet connection.

Offloading pieces will allow you to free up space and optimize performance on your device.

Note 1: an offloaded piece is no longer accessible in offline mode. It must be restored before it can be opened again.

Note 2: when a piece is offloaded, all its duplicates and copies to projects are also offloaded.

Offloading by batch

This operation can be performed at the piece level but also for batches of several pieces, setlists or projects

Offloading your whole library

In certain situations, it can be helpful to offload your whole library at once.

This shortens the account loading process, for example, when you connect to a new device. You can then choose to restore only the pieces you need.

This feature is available from the Synchronization section of the Account panel:

Note: you need to have a Premium licence to use the offloading functionality