What happens when my Newzik Education or Newzik Ensemble subscription expires?

When the subscription of your organization expires, you will no longer be able to invite new users (the invitation link will be temporarily deactivated) and organization owners and admins will no longer be able to create new organization projects. All your organization projects and their contents will remain accessible.

After 7 days, if you do not renew your subscription, your organization will become inactive. All its members will lose access to their organization projects, as well as their Pro status granted by your organization subscription.

Your organization projects and their contents will not be deleted unless requested. If you decide to subscribe again later on, you will retrieve them automatically.

What is the difference between Newzik Ensemble and Newzik Education?

Newzik Ensemble and Newzik Education give access to the same features, but are priced differently to make Newzik more accessible to educational institutions. To check the price of each offer, please go to newzik.com.

Can I use a different payment method than those listed in the billing portal?

To use a different payment method, please write to contact@newzik.com.