Note: the following actions are only available to organization owners

The first step after creating your Newzik organization is to invite members to join it. Users joining your organization will automatically be granted access to Newzik Pro, allowing them to import and use an unlimited number of parts and media files.

Inviting Members

Members can join your organization using links. These links can be obtained either under the Organization tab, or from an Organization project.

Using the Organization tab

To invite members to join your organization, click on the Organizations tab, then on "Invite". This will generate an invitation link that you can copy and share with others to let them join your organization.

When someone opens the invitation link you have shared with them, they will be prompted to join your organization.

For added security, you can:

  • Renew the invitation link (click on the "Renew link" icon): this will generate a new invitation link, and make the old one expire, meaning that it can no longer be used to join your organization.

  • Delete the invitation link (click on the "Delete" icon): this will make your invitation link expire, meaning that it can no longer be used to join your organization.

If your organization has been deactivated, if your subscription has expired, or if you have reached the maximum number of users, your current invitation link will be temporarily deactivated, and you will not be able to generate a new link.

To renew your subscription or edit the maximum number of users, click on "Manage billing" or "Subscribe" in the organizations tab.

From an Organization project

From a project belonging to your organization, you can click the Invite by link link or Invite members button to generate and copy an invitation link.

Users that follow the link obtained from this project will automatically be added to this project once they join your organization.

Note: the ability to invite members in a project is available to each Admin of the organization. Contact us if your organization requires specific policies.

Managing Users and Roles

Use the tick boxes on the left to select users in order to do the following actions:

  • Editing the role of a user: click on the Edit icon to edit the role of a user, i.e. promoting a member to admin or downgrading an admin to member. To add an organization owner, please contact us at

  • Deleting a user: click on the Delete icon to remove a user from your organization. Please note that this will make them lose access to all projects from your organization, and their private layers will be deleted.

Important notes: 

  • You can invite a person who already has a Newzik account. This user will keep his personal library while joining your organization projects. 
  • The fact that this user has subscribed to Newzik's individual plan has no impact on the fact that he/she also counts as a full member of your organization, as he/she benefits from specific functionalities through the coverage of organization licenses.