The Livescore Dashboard is where all of your LiveScores, both completed and pending, are accessible from.

To access it, click on the LiveScores button in the Home section or in the account tab.

The dashboard is divided into two sections:

  • Processing: your pending LiveScores, currently being processed, are displayed here. The progress gauge on the left of the piece title indicates the status of the conversion.

  • Completed: once a piece has been converted to a LiveScore, it will appear here. Click on it to open the piece and access your LiveScore. If you see an exclamation mark next to the title of your piece, it means there has been an error with the conversion. If this is the case, please refer to our guidelines and best practice to understand what might have caused this error, and contact us to learn more.

At the bottom of the LiveScores Dashboard, you will see the amount of LiveScore credits available on your accounts for the current month (i.e. the number of pages you can convert). This number will be reset every calendar month.