The Livescore feature is available in the Newzik App for all Newzik users. You can convert PDF sheet music to Livescores, generating a downloadable MusicXML file and a playable MIDI file.

Follow the steps below to convert your PDF parts to LiveScores. Have a look at Guidelines and Best Practice for Successful LiveScore Conversion and at the list of compatible musical elements to make the most of LiveScores.

1. Log in to your Newzik account in the Newzik App.

2. Import a new piece, or open an existing piece from your library, setlists or projects.

3. Select the part you wish to convert, and click on the LiveScore icon in the top menu bar.

4. That's it! The status and progress of your LiveScore conversion will be displayed in the top menu bar. At this point, you can close the score, and even close your app at any time - the LiveScore conversion will still run in the background.

You can also check the status and progress of your LiveScore conversions in the LiveScore dashboard.

5. Once your LiveScore is ready, the LiveScore icon in the top menu bar will show a green tick mark, and a playable MIDI file will be automatically generated and attached to your piece.

To download the generated MusicXML file, click on the completed LiveScore icon in the top menu bar and click "Export MusicXML".

From the same button, you can give us feedback on your Livescore conversion that will help us improve the technology thanks to deep learning!