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Receiving the Material

Once the music publisher has sent the material directly to your Newzik account, you will receive it within a few minutes in the Newzik App or Newzik Web.
In any case, you must be connected to an internet network to receive the content in your account: make sure to be online and to synchronize your account.

Important: if you already have connected once to a Newzik App, the material will arrive only in the App. So you have to go the the iOS App to open it, then it will be visible in Newzik Web.
If you never connected to the Newzik App, the content will arrive directly in you Newzik Web account.

In the App:

  1. In the App, go to the "Home" section.
  2. Click on the inbox icon in the top-right corner (a red notification will signal that the material has arrived).
  3. To review the information of your order (content, expiration date and number of available licenses), click on the cogwheel on the right.
  4. Click on the downward-pointing arrow to download the material into your Newzik account. You can choose to add it to a Setlist or to a Project if you wish. 

In Newzik Web: web.newzik.com

The material will directly appear in the Library of the account with the email that you provided to the publisher.

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