In Newzik, you can easily duplicate an entire Piece, or duplicate a specific Part within a Piece. This allows you to create new entities as you wish in order to create multiple versions of a same work.

In the App, just click on the "edit" button at the top right corner of your Pieces list, select the desired song and click on the blue "duplicate" button at the top of the screen (two blue overlaying squares).

Duplicating will duplicate the layers, cuts, changes and media files as well, so you end up with a perfect copy of the initial Piece, with dynamic annotations etc.

These versions will not be “connected”, so you can bring all the changes to the new version without affecting the initial version. Just like completely copying the whole set of a work and working on the new copies, but with still the possibility to go "back in time" in the new version by removing easily layers of annotations, cuts etc.