What are organizations?

An organization is a group of Newzik users that can share collaborative projects and sheet music among themselves. 

Newzik Organizations are an exclusive feature of Newzik Ensemble and Newzik Education.

A project belonging to an organization is called an organization project. Organization projects are just like normal Newzik projects, but with extra features such as admin rights and restrictions and the ability to add project members without having to send out invitation links.

There are three possible roles for users belonging to an organization:

  • Organization Owners: organization owners can invite and manage members. They can also create organization projects, and manage subscription and billing.
  • Organization Admins: they can create organization projects.
  • Organization Members: organization members can be added to organization projects, but they cannot create any.

Creating organizations

In order to use organizations and organization projects, you must subscribe to Newzik Ensemble or Newzik Education.

To create your organization, go to the Organizations tab on Newzik Web and click on "Start free" trial or "Subscribe".