Livescores technology enables you to generate a playable MIDI file from your PDF sheet music, see and hear your music come to life thanks to an automatic play-along cursor, as well as to generate a dynamic MusicXML file to use in any notation software.

In order to convert PDF sheet music to Livescores, Newzik's technology uses advanced artificial intelligence and deep learning techniques to understand and translate music notation. This process is called Optical Music Recognition, or OMR.

In Livescores, a tracking cursor automatically follows the generated MIDI playback

Here are some ways Livescores can be useful for you:

  • Playing with an accompaniment: thanks to Livescores, you can generate a MIDI accompaniment to play along to. Use Newzik's MIDI mixer to isolate instruments and use the recorder to record your performance!
  • Transpose scores and parts: use the transposition feature (in our iOS app only) or open the generated MusicXML file into a notation software to transpose it to fit your range or instrument!
  • Create new arrangements: thanks to the automatic transcription from PDF to dynamic MusicXML, you can use notation software to quickly make arrangements suited to your band or orchestra!
  • And many more!

To learn how to use Livescores, have a look at the article: Converting a PDF to LiveScore.