What is a Project?

A Project in Newzik is a collaborative Setlist, shared between several Newzicians. Please read this article for more information on Projects.

Creating a Project

To create a Project on Newzik Web, click on the "Projects" tab, and then on the "+" icon in the top-right corner.

Adding Pieces to a Project

Name your Project and click on "Create Project". You will then be able to add Pieces to your newly-created Project by clicking on the "+" button in the top-right corner of your Project.

Deleting a Project

Click on the bin icon on the right of a Project's title to delete it. If you are the only member of the Project, it will be deleted as well as all the Pieces it contains. If you have shared the Project with other Newzicians, you will simply unsubscribe from the Project and they will still be able to access it and the Pieces it contains.

Please note that deleted Projects cannot be retrieved, unless they have been shared with other Newzik Users.

Renaming a Project

Click on the "i" icon on the right of a Project's title to open the metadata panel. Click on the Project title to edit it, and hit the return key on your keyboard or click outside of the field to save your changes.