To perform, the 12.9" iPad Pro (from $999) is now the primary piece of equipment for musicians using digital sheet music. You may also use other iPad models* to use the Newzik app, but their screen size will be smaller.

We recommend some optional additional equipment for the best possible experience:

  • A Bluetooth foot pedal to turn pages hands-free. Here is an article we wrote to help you choose the right pedal! (around $75)

  • An iPad stand to hold your device in place securely and take little space on stage (around $50)

  • For large ensembles: an iPad cart to store, charge and manage up to 40 iPads at once (from $500)

*any iPad compatible with iOS13 or later version

Budget for a full "digital stand"

We call "full digital stand" a hardware bundle comprising a 12.9" iPad Pro, an Apple Pencil, a Bluetooth page-turning foot pedal and an iPad stand. The budget for a full digital stand is approximately $1,250.