Copyrights and licenses are one of our top priorities. Digital scores for performance are still somewhat of an unprecedented area for music publishers, but our team collaborates daily with publishers on a case by case basis, to enable all of our institutional clients to cover 100% of the copyright for any particular work.

Here is a list of publishers working with Newzik and accepting to send material - even rental - in digital format: LIST

This list is constantly growing as orchestras ask new publishers for material delivered specifically in Newzik.

Newzik is also partner with Zinfonia to simplify your ordering process of digital material directly from your preffered online catalogue!

Newzik also offers music publishers tools to distribute digital sheet music in a protected format in the Newzik App and in Newzik Web. Some music publishers even sell music in the Newzik format straight from their online shop (Universal EditionDonemus PublishingCarl FischerTheodore Presser and Virtual Sheet Music).

To learn about how to order digital material from our partner music publishers, please have a look at this article.