There are three options to import digital sheet music on Newzik Web. The "+" button,  in the top-right corner of the Pieces tab allows you to import a score from a file on your computer. Then click on "Add files" and select your PDF files and click on "Open".  Throught this button you also have the possibility to import a score as a link. The third option is to drag and drop your score into the platform : simply grab the files from your computer and drop them on the screen. 

Several types of files can be added to your digital partition. Compatible files are in PDF, MIDI files, but also audio or video files. When adding pieces, you can add several at the same time. 

By selecting your PDF scores from your computer you will have two options. Either you choose the "Group" option, which allows you to import several files at once to create a multi-document Piece, or you can choose "Split" if you want to create one Piece for each file. 

Once your documents are in your library, you can add them to a setlist and create your own repertoires.

Note: Any file imported on Newzik Web will also be viewable in the Newzik App, and vice versa, as long as you are connected to the same account on both platforms.