To add pages to a PDF part, click on "Rearrange" in the Features menu, scroll down to the last page and click on the "+" icon. You will be able to scan paper pages, add pages from Files, your Drives or Photos, or add a blank page.

To insert pages into your part, click on the "+" icon under a page in the Rearrange view. The pages you add will be inserted before that page.

A color code will help you quickly visualize which pages are from the original Piece, and which have been added:

  • Newly-inserted pages will be highlighted in green in the Rearrange mode
  • Pages inserted before the current Rearrange session will be highlighted in orange

Please note that if you reset your rearrange actions, added pages will be deleted.

Important Notice: The new page insertion feature is only available from Newzik version 5.5.0 and above. Opening a merged PDF part with previous versions may lead to inconsistent behaviour.