To access Newzik Web, click or enter the address in the search bar of your web browser.

Your Newzik account, thanks to your password and email, allows you to access your scores library from any device. Whether it's a computer or an iPad, you can log in and access all your work. 

This allows you to back up your scores on the Newzik Cloud and organize your rehearsals and work sessions and create a smaller and easy-to-use repertoire that you can access anywhere. 

You can share your scores and annotations with other users by email or on your social networks with just one click. 

No more wasting time writing down everyone's comments to make sure you don't miss anything. Everything is sent in real time to all team members. 

To log in to your account, enter your Newzik credentials (same email and password as in the Newzik App) and click "Login". If you used Facebook or Apple to create your Newzik account, click “Continue with Facebook” or "Continue with Apple".

To create your Newzik account directly from Newzik Web, click on “Create an account”, “Continue with Facebook” or "Continue with Apple", depending on your preference, and follow the instructions.

When you log in, if you forgot your password, don't worry! Just click on "forgotten password" and fill in your email to reset it.