Newzik Web is an online web platform that allows you to view your Newzik account and your digital sheet music from any compatible web browser and on any computer. You can access it at

The Newzik App and Newzik Web are synchronized thanks to the Newzik Cloud, which means that all actions (markings, song import, etc.) made on your account in the App will affect Newzik Web, and vice versa.

You can safely store your scores on the Newzik Cloud to avoid losing or damaging them. 

Newzik Web is an easy way to share sheet music and work in collaboration with other musicians: the "projects" section is a collective space on the platform that allows several users to work together on a musical project. 

If you would rather build your own individual library, Newzik Web also has individual spaces: the pieces and setlist sections.  

Among these three sections, many tools and features are available to help you organize, practice and perform your music.

All sheet music formats compatible with the Newzik App, except Lyrics & Chords and MusicXML scores, are compatible with Newzik Web: PDF files as well as media files (audio and video) are supported.

Newzik Web is the perfect companion to the Newzik iOS App (available on the App Store) in the transition to digital sheet music.