You can use annotation layers in projects to organize your annotations, quickly hide or show them, make them available or not to other project members, etc.

By default, a layer will be automatically created for each member of the project as soon as they enter annotation mode (i.e. as soon as they open the annotation toolbar). This layer will be titled with its owner's username, by default.

To open the layers panel, click on the title of the layer on the left side of the annotation toolbar:

In the list of layers, the initials of the owner of the layer will be displayed next to the layer title.

The following actions are found in the Layers panel:

  • To create a layer, click on the + button
  • To select a layer in order to annotate it, click on it in the list. It will appear bold and highlighted in the list, and all annotations you will make from that moment and until you select another layer will be saved on this layer. The name of the current active layer is displayed next to the layers icon in the annotation toolbar.
  • Click the eye next to the name of a Layer to hide or show it
  • To delete a layer or edit its title, click on “Edit” in the layers panel, or swipe left on its title.

Caution: Deleting a Layer is irreversible and will delete all annotations contained in the Layer for all members of the Project.

Layer Privacy Settings

There are three sharing levels for layers, that can be selected from the "i" button of layers in the layers panel.

When they are created, layers are Private by default. This means that only the owner of the layer (i.e. its creator) can view and edit it. The other members of the project will not see the layer in their layers panel.

A layer can be made Public or Shared using the toggles in the layer details:

A Public layer can be viewed by all members of the project, but no one except its owner can edit it: the owner of the layer will be the only one allowed to annotate it.

A Shared layer can be viewed and edited by all members of the project: anyone can display it and annotate it.

As an added layer of security, the deletion of a layer is only allowed for its owner, no matter what sharing level is selected.