To use Projects and continuously receive and send updates in real-time, all members must have their devices connected to a stable internet network.

It is not necessary for all members of a Project to be connected to the same internet network.

The speed of synchronization will depend mostly on the speed and reliability of the internet network.

Any changes made by a Project member are automatically uploaded as long as Newzik is running (regardless of whether a Piece is open or not) and the device is connected to the internet.

All changes will be automatically downloaded on the members’ devices as long as Newzik is active (running in the foreground) and no Piece is open. Please note that it is advised to enable push notifications for Newzik in order to receive Project updates more reliably. If push notifications are not enabled, you might have to pull and release your lists of pieces to launch the synchronisation process.

To make the changes appear when a Piece is open, members of the Project must press the refresh button in the top-left corner of their part.