If you rented digital sheet music from one of our partner music publishers, you will be able to download it from two possible places: 

  • If you have an iOS device with the iOS Newzik App: find the piece inside your Newzik App, in your Inbox (1)
  • If you do not have an iOS device and have created your account on Newzik Web: the piece will arrive directly in your Newzik Web account (2)


(1) The Newzik App inbox:

Open the Newzik App on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. App name on the AppStore: Newzik - Sheet Music Reader

Log in by using the "Log in / I already have an account" button, and using the same email address you communicated to the publisher during your rental order.

Once inside Newzik, you will find a small red notification on the Inbox icon in the top-right corner of the Home screen, signalling that the music has arrived.

Click on this Inbox icon to open your Inbox. You shall find the contract sent by the publisher listed there.


Click on the gear icon to display the information (title of Piece, expiration date for rentals, number of licenses available).


Click on the arrow to download the material into your account. You can put the piece into your Library, a Setlist or a Project.

To share the content to other musicians, if the work has multiple authorized users, you must put the Piece into a Project and share the Project to the desired other users.

(2) In Newzik Web


Connect to https://web.newzik.com and log in with the same email that you communicated to the publisher during your rental order process.

Open the Inbox section from the left menu

Click on the Import button on the line of the contract

Import the content in your Newzik library, or in a project.

Watermarked content:

A blue “watermark” will appear on top of the music if your license has expired (for rented material), if the music has been shared to too many users using a Project (sharing a Setlist will not work in any case), or if you do not own a license to view the material.


To learn more about restrictions and processes to share contents downloaded from our partner music publishers, please see this article.