To have the best reading experience possible with MusicXML files in Newzik, some guidelines must be respected when editing and exporting sheet music in your notation software.


If you want your chords to be displayed nicely in Newzik, here are some friendly tips:

  • Never write a chord as “text” in your editor. To insert a chord, go to the “text” menu and choose “chord symbol”. 
  • If a chord is highlighted in red in your score (or, in Finale, if you get a pop-up), it means that the editor does not recognize it (and neither will Newzik). You will need to move or rewrite this chord in your score.
  • Diminished chords: use the symbol “°” rather than “O” or “0”. C° is correct, C0 isn’t.
  • Respect the order of the elements in your chord. For instance:
    1. do not write Bb7dim, but Bbdim7
    2. do not write B13(9b), but B13(b9)
  • We advise you to always rewrite your chords instead of using the “%” repeat sign.
  • If you write too many chords in a bar, some of them will sometimes be considered as comments or text. Tip: enlarge your bar!

Instrument tracks

Once you create an instrument track in your editor, choose the right instrument from the beginning. You will avoid some common mistakes linked to transposing instruments.

If you observe that a track is transposed in Newzik against your will, this can be the origin of the problem.

Please refer to your notation software’s instructions to learn how to change instruments.

Repeat signs

Newzik will not display your repeat signs if your original MusicXML file contains mistakes. Thus, if you observe an error message linked to repeat signs when you import your MusicXML file into Newzik, check the repeat signs in your original score.

For instance, if you open a repeat sign without closing it, Newzik will not display it at all.

For more information on how to use Sibelius correctly, you can refer to their dedicated User Guide here.

For Finale, you can check their support page here.

You can also explore our article about best practices to export MusicXML into Newzik.

 If you experience any issues relating to MusicXML import, you can contact us anytime at We will be more than happy to help!