In Newzik, you can crop any PDF page to adjust its margins, optimize its size and straighten it. To do so, open the Features Menu and choose “Crop”.

Shortcut: tap anywhere on the screen with 3 fingers to open the Crop view.


To crop a page, use two fingers to zoom in and out in a pinching motion.

To rotate a page, slide the cursor at the top of the screen.


Use the arrows on either side of the screen or the thumbnails at the bottom to navigate through your pages.

To apply your settings only to the current page, click on “Done” or navigate to another page.

To apply your settings to all pages, click the three dots and select “Apply to all pages”.

To apply your settings to all even or all odd pages (depending on the nature of the current page), click the three icon and select the corresponding option.


Click on the three dots icon and select “Reset all” to revert back to the original crop and rotation settings.