You may create, use, and choose to hide or display several annotation layers in order to separate different kinds of annotations, have different versions of the same Piece, work collaboratively, etc. 

For example, you could use a layer for bowings and another layer for personal markings

The following features are found in the Layers panel, accessible from the Layers icon on the left side of the annotation toolbar.

  • To create a Layer, click on “Create Layer”
  • To choose a Layer to edit, click on it in the Layers panel. It will appear bold and highlighted in the list, and all annotations you will make will be saved on this Layer. The name of the current active Layer is displayed next to the Layers icon in the annotation toolbar.
  • Click the blue eye next to the name of a Layer to hide or make it visible

To delete a layer or edit its name, click on “Edit” in the Layers panel.