The Piano keyboard can be started from the Feature menu ("..." button) accessible on the right of the top bar.

This polyphonic Piano keyboard features many interesting functionalities like changing the instrument, octaves, and even the tuning frequency (which should please our baroque musician friends).

Features list:

  • Sound selection among the from the Newzik sound bank.
  • Octave range using < and > buttons
  • Latch function that acts as a sustain pedal (lock icon)
  • Draggable vertically: in order to view the lower portion of a score
  • Adjustable number of keys (from the settings "Enlarge" option)
  • Tuning frequency (default to 440 Hz)
  • Velocity: this is force with which a note is played (0: very soft, 127: very hard)

The piano can used along with the media playback which can be useful in certain situations.