In the score view, you have the ability to transpose a score (scan or PDF file) thanks to our artificial intelligence technology LiveScore.

You just need to tap on the #b button at the bottom of the screen.

The transposition is immediately available if your part was already converted to a LiveScore.

Else, it will be first converted to a LiveScore before being able to transpose it.

The transposition range extends from 3 tones below, to 3 tones above the original key.

To transpose your score, you just need to:

  1. Select the desired transposition  
  2. Press the Create button: this will create a new score and add it to the current piece.

Note that you still can retrieve your original score :

  • either via the transposition menu (#b)
  • or via the parts menu in the top bar

This feature is available to users who have a Premium licence or belong to a Newzik organization (admin only).

Note: This feature isn't available for scores licensed by a publisher.