Newzik iOS 7.3.2 was released on July 10, 2023. The following items have been added, changed or fixed:


  • A central "Add button" is accessible across all Library sections.
  • Import functionality is split in multiple specialised views : external file import, scanner, template picker


  • Project layers are now public by default (it only applies to "non-organisation" projects)
  • Performance mode is removed from the Score view top bar can now be enabled from the feature menu
  • Media play bar controls have more visible icons
  • Modal windows can now be dismissed by tap on the background
  • Recents pieces cells supports deletion and share swipe actions
  • Free import count banner redesigned with better wording and layout
  • Empty screens redesigned with better wording and layout in all sections
  • Extract pages feature with more intuitive positioning of action buttons
  • Move Synchronisation feature to Page turn settings section
  • Set metronome's default mode to "audio only" 
  • Increase duration of the piece title toast when switching parts in a setlist
  • Increase menu bars display duration before auto-dismiss 


  • Fixed an issue where library action button are enabled when no data (piece, setlist or project) 
  • Fixed an issue where error are not properly handled when file data have no size property
  • Fixed an issue where file names are unproperly sanitized when containing weird characters 
  • Fixed an issue where welcome screen image is squeezed in landscape mode
  • Fixed an issue where file upload fails when its name contains a null char