In Newzik, you can create custom tags and add them to your pieces. This will allow you to easily sort them into your own categories: instrument, artist, genre, etc.

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Creating Tags

To create a new tag, click on the "Tags" button in the pieces tab or inside a setlist or project, and click on the +. You can also create tags from the piece details directly: open the details of a piece and click on "Add tag" in the tags section, and then on the +.

You can name your tags however you want, chose a color, and even use emojis!

To delete a tag, click on the "Tags" button in the pieces tab or inside a setlist or project, click on the "i" next to a tag to open its properties, and click on "Delete tag".

Tagging a Piece

To assign a tag to a piece, click on the "i" icon of a piece to open its details, and click on "Add tag" in the tags section.

The tags you have created will be displayed in a searchable list. Click on an existing tag to add it to your piece, or click the + to create a new tag.

You can also tag several pieces at the same time: in the pieces tab or in a setlist or a project, click on "Edit" in the top-right corner, select the pieces you want to tag and click on "Details" in the top-left corner. Then, tap on "Add tag".

To remove a tag from a piece, click on "Edit" in the piece details, and then on the delete sign next to the tag you want to remove.

Using Tags to Filter your Lists

You can filter your lists of pieces (in the pieces tab, or in a setlist or project) using tags. To do so, open the tags panel by clicking on the "Tags" button in top-left corner and select your tags.

If you select more than one tags, only pieces that have been assigned all the selected tags will be displayed. For example, selecting the 'Guitar' and 'Classical' tags will show all classical guitar pieces.

Click on the "Clear" button below the search bar to quickly clear your filter.

You can also use the search bar in the home tab to search for tags: the pieces tagged so will be displayed in the search results.