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Adding and Editing Audio and Video Files

You can add, manage and export media files (audio and video) from the media section of the inspector panel.

The supported media file formats are : MP3, MIDI, WAV, M4A, M4P, MOV. Youtube videos are also supported.

Playing Audio and MIDI files in the Multitrack Player

A multitrack mixer allows you to play audio MIDI files simultaneously, isolate specific tracks, adjust their volume and transposition settings, and more.

Note: you can generate MIDI files from your PDF sheet music using the LiveScores feature.

By default, all audio and MIDI files will play together when you click on the play button. To only play specific tracks, use the mute and solo buttons on each track:

MIDI files have additional settings: click on the instrument name to change the sound, and click on the "..." button on the right to open the transposition, reverb and pan settings.

You can adjust the speed and transposition of the multitrack Audio/MIDI playback in the settings of the transport bar:

Audio Recorder

Click on the Record button to record yourself using your computer's microphone. When prompted by your web browser, make sure to allow Newzik Web to access your microphone.

By default, a 2-bar (4/4) count-in is played before the recording starts. To turn off the count-in, adjust its settings or play a metronome during the recording, open the recorder settings:

By default, your active audio and MIDI files will play as a backing track during your recordings (best to use headphones in this case!). Use the mute and solo buttons to choose which tracks to play during your recordings.