Distributing the Material

Digital sheet music purchased or hired from one of our partner music publishers can be shared under two mandatory conditions:

  1. The publisher must have granted you an appropriate number of authorized users (licenses)
  2. The works must be shared to other users through a Newzik Project

If you don't share the music using a Project, all other Newzik users will have a blue watermark covering the notes.

Knowing this, there are two possible options in the Newzik App or Newzik Web to share the content:

1. When downloading the material from the Inbox, choose to add it to a Project (a new or existing one).
You can then go ahead and share that Project to the appropriate number of other users.

2. If you already downloaded the material into your Library, you will need to associate the licenses to the Project in which you are sharing the music. 

  1. First, add the material to a new Project or to an existing one
  2. Then, go back to your Inbox, click on the cogwheel (iOS app) or project symbol (Newzik Web) corresponding to your contract
  3. Select the Project you wish to associate the licenses to, and click done. You should be able to see how many licenses are used/available depending on how many members are in the Project.
  4. You can now go ahead and share your Project! (note: this can be done in any order)


1) All other members will be able to see the Piece ONLY if they received it via a Project AND if they remain members of that Project. Meaning that putting the Piece into a Setlist and sharing the Setlist will lead to a watermark.

2) If you have requested N licenses: since you already count as 1 license, the first N-1 recipient of this Project will have access to the content. Make sure to put the Piece in a Project with specifically N members in total, including you! You can see in real-time how many licenses you have left in the wheel of your Inbox.