1/ Markings

All the markings brought onto any of your Piece in Newzik will be stored in the form of a layer over the underlying sheet music. These layers of markings are stored on the Newzik server, directly with all your files, accessible at any time only from your account.

You can create new layers of markings inside an existing Piece to aggregate different versions of a same Piece.

You can also directly duplicate an entire Piece or Part, which will also duplicate the layers of markings so that you can work on a completely new version of the work, without affecting the previous version.

You can print out your sheet music out of Newzik with the markings layers directly from the App, for all your personal scores.

For publisher scores received directly into Newzik, you need to ask for permission to print if you want to print or export the sheet music in PDF with your markings.

2/ Cuts, inserts, sequences...

All changes to the order of the pages, inserted or removed pages, cropping actions are saved on the serveur as a sequence of modifications to the original PDF file. This allows you to always come back to the original version of the work by using one of the "reset" buttons in the rearrange or crop modes.

But coming back to the original PDF will delete all your cuts. So here is...

...our tip for cuts and inserts: before starting to work on a Piece which will involve cuts, inserts etc. make a duplicate of the original Piece in Newzik, so that you can keep it as the original version. You can name that version "original" to make it clear for you, while the duplicate version on which you are going to work will carry the name of the season or program.