For all your own scores, which you imported yourself, you can technically do anything: add pages, delete pages, crop, annotate, print, export in PDF, add audio files, use Livescot etc.

However, performing your material on stage and sharing your own content to other musicians or institutions falls under your own responsibility, in accordance with the copyrights associated with the sheet music in question.

If you own copyrighted scores and import them in Newzik, you are invited to contact the publisher to address any questions regarding performing the music on stage from iPads and sharing the material to other ensembles.


For the sheet music received directly from music publishers into your Newzik account, the publisher can set a certain number of restrictions on the works:

  • Number of authorized users: the number of Newzik users that will be able to view and edit the material (unauthorized users will see a watermark preventing them from viewing the material)
  • Expiration date (for hires only): after the expiration date, users will see a watermark preventing them from viewing the material
  • Printing option: the material can be protected against printing and export
  • Using the OMR engine Maestria is also prohibited on protected scores

This watermark is displayed on all pages when the license expires or when you do not have the necessary amount of licenses.

Of course, you are allowed to perform using the digital material on stage if so agreed in the contract with the publisher.

In any case, you can annotate, add and remove pages, insert cuts and media files, duplicate the work, remove entire instrumental parts etc.
You can always come back to the initial version received by the publisher by going into your “Inbox” in the Newzik App and re-downloading the work from there.

Even after the potential expiration date of the material, all the changes you brought to the work will remain yours (markings, cuts, inserts etc), only the sheet music will be covered with a watermark which can be removed if recontacting the publisher for a new rental. You cannot export the content with your markings after the rental has expired, but can copy paste your annotations to transfer them to another Piece in Newzik.

The publisher doesn't receive or see your markings and changes at any point of time.