Below is a list of know issues and limitations of the current beta version of Newzik Web.

Known Issues

  • Pieces containing inserted/merged pages cannot yet be deleted from Newzik Web
  • Bookmark colour is not coherent between App and Web
  • Merged template pages are not displayed
  • Favorite/pinned pieces are saved from the app to the web, but not the other way around


  • "Critical Notes" (comments) are not visible in the Newzik iOS app
  • It is not possible to annotate sheet music from Newzik Web
  • MusicXML files are not compatible with Newzik Web.
  • It is not possible to record audio from Newzik Web
  • Page turn synchronization settings are not available on Newzik 
  • Crop, rearrange and Jump actions are not possible from Newzik Web
  • Jump buttons do not appear on Newzik Web