Our Publishing Web Platform allows music publishers to sell or rent out digital sheet music directly through Newzik, in a protected format with the following restrictions:

  • Number of authorized users: the number of Newzik users that will be able to view and edit the material (unauthorized users will see a watermark preventing them from viewing the material)
  • Expiration date (for hires only): after the expiration date, users will see a watermark preventing them from viewing the material
  • Printing option: the material can be protected against printing and export

This watermark is displayed on all pages when the license expires or when you do not have the necessary amount of licenses.

The following explains is how to proceed to order such material and receive it in Newzik.

Ordering the Material

To order digital sheet music, simply contact the music publisher like you usually do for paper orders and provide them with the following information:

  1. The email address of your Newzik account: to find it, go to the “Home” section in the Newzik App and click on the last icon in the top-right corner to access your account information.
  2. The number of authorized users you require: the total number of users needing to use the material, including yourself (e.g. yourself + 20 musicians in the orchestra + 1 conductor + 1 guest soloist + 1 substitute = 24 licenses).
  3. The expiration date: for hires only. Choose a date at least one day after the last concert where the material is needed.
  4. The option to print or export the material: you can specify whether or not you will need to print or export the music.
  5. The material you need.

Receiving the Material

Once the music publisher places the order, you will receive it instantly in the Newzik App or Newzik Web (as long as you are connected to an internet network).

  1. In the App, go to the "Home" section.
  2. Click on the inbox icon in the top-right corner (a red notification will signal that the material has arrived).
  3. To review the information of your order (content, expiration date and number of available licenses), click on the cogwheel on the right.
  4. Click on the downward-pointing arrow to download the material into your Newzik account. You can choose to add it to a Setlist or to a Project if you wish. 

Distributing the Material

Digital sheet music purchased or hired from one of our partner music publishers must be shared through a Project in order to be viewable by recipients.

For this, there are two possible options:

1. When downloading the material from the inbox, choose to add it to a Project. You can then go ahead and share that Project!

2. The process is a bit different if you already downloaded the material: you will need to associate the licenses to the Project in which you are sharing the music. First, add the material to a new Project or to an existing one. Then, go back to your inbox, click on the cogwheel corresponding to your contract, select the Project you wish to associate the licenses to, and click done. You can now go ahead and share your Project! (note: this can be done in any order)

IMPORTANT: all other members will be able to see the Piece ONLY if they received it via a Project AND if they remain members of that Project. Meaning that putting the Piece into a Setlist and sharing the Setlist will lead to a watermark.
If you have requested N licenses: since you already count as 1 license, the first N-1 recipient of this Project will have access to the content. Make sure to put the Piece in a Project with specifically N members in total, including you! You can see in real-time how many licenses you have left in the wheel of your Inbox.