We sometimes hear music professionals saying that the A4/12.9" format of the iPad Pro is too small for them.

If this is your case, you will find below some tips on how to optimize the iPad Pro's screen size for reading digital sheet music.

Reduce the PDF scores margins

Most of the time, the B4 paper sheet that musicians receive have large side margins, but the musical content sticks to an A4 format – the same as the iPad Pro. With our embedded layout-editing features that let you crop the score margins, each musician will be able to enlarge their music and get the most from it.

Turn the iPad Pro to landscape orientation

Through using Newzik, many musicians have discovered this completely innovative way of reading music. By using the iPad in landscape mode, they can enjoy a large display that is even larger than the B4 format. Coupled with a foot pedal for page turning, this feature is essential for musicians who may have doubts about score size.

Newzik Web

Your Newzik account is also accessible on any browser, in Newzik Web: web.newzik.com

This allows you to open your scores on any desktop computer with a larger screen, where you can display your scores in single-page, double-page or even full-screen modes.