From the Score View, you will be able to view your sheet music and adjust settings.


The Web version of your score will contain all the markings made in the app. It is currently not possible to annotate a score from Newzik Web.

Click on the Layers drop-down list to select the annotation layers you wish to display. It is not yet possible to add a layer from Newzik Web.

Note: If annotations do not appear, please check that the right Layer is selected, and refresh the page if the problem persists.


Switch between individual parts by selecting the one of your choice from the drop-down list on the right.


Click the Bookmarks button to view the different bookmarks of the score. It is possible to add or remove a bookmark directly from Newzik Web by clicking on the "+" button: choose the page, color and name and click OK. 

Media Files

Select the media files you want to play by clicking on "Activate media file" and then on the play icon.

The supported media file formats are : MP3, MIDI, WAV, M4A, M4P, MOV. Youtube videos are also supported.

Please note that, for the moment, only the sound of videos can be played (except for Youtube videos).

Turning Pages

Click on the arrows on either side of the music to turn the pages. You can also use the cursor at the bottom of the score to navigate between pages, or use a Bluetooth foot pedal.

Pressing the left and right arrows on your computer keyboard will also turn pages.

Full Screen and Zoom

Click on the full screen icon on the right to switch to full screen mode. Use the "+" and "-" icons to zoom in and out of your music.

Export & Print

Newzik Web allows you to print or export your pieces to PDF.

 Please note that, for now, markings made in the App will not appear on these exports.

Click on the "Print" icon on the right side of the screen to print. Then, select your printer and follow the instructions.

Click on the "Export" icon to export the file as a PDF.

Note: the same export restrictions as in the App apply if your Pieces are protected by publisher rights. If your Piece is protected, the Print and Export buttons will be greyed out.