Your digital sheet music library is organized very similarly on Newzik Web and in the Newzik App.

To access your Pieces, Setlists and Projects, select the corresponding tab from the menu on the left side of the screen. You can search for Pieces, Setlists and Projects using the search bar.

Pinning your Favorite Pieces

You can pin your favorite Pieces so that they are always readily accessible at the top of the list: click on the pin icon on the left of a Piece's title to pin it. To unpin a Piece, click on its pin icon again.

Opening a Piece

From the Pieces, Setlists or Projects tab, click on the "i" icon on the right of the title of a Piece to view its details on the right. Click on the title of a Piece to open it.

Deleting a Piece

Click on the bin icon on the right of a Piece's title to delete it.

Please note that deleted Pieces cannot be retrieved.

Editing a Piece's metadata

Click on the "i" icon on the right of a Piece's title to open the metadata panel. Click on the button in the top-left corner of the metadata panel to display all metadata fields.

Click on a field to edit it, and hit the return key on your keyboard or click outside of the field to save your changes.