To collaborate with other users on a Project, you must first share it with them to add them as members. You can display the list of the members of a Project by clicking the members icon in the top-right corner. 


There are several ways to share a Project:

  • From the Projects tab: Swipe left on the title of a Setlist, click the share icon and select “Share via e-mail”
  • From within a Project: Click the share icon in the top-right corner and select “Share via e-mail”
  • From the list of members: Click the icon in the top-right corner of the list of members and select “Share via e-mail”
  • You may also choose to share a Project through another means by using the “Copy shareable link” option


The recipient of such an e-mail will simply have to click on the “Join this Project” button. As soon as they join the Project, their username will appear in the list of members.