There are several ways to add Pieces to a Project: 

  • From within a Project: click the “+” icon in the Project header and:
    • click on "Add from library" to copy a piece to the project: select your Piece(s) using the green checkboxes on the left
    • click on "Add file" to import a new file directly into the project

  • From the "My Library" section with the Pieces Tab open: click on “Edit” in the top-right corner of the Library screen, select your Piece(s) using the blue checkboxes, click on the black circle icon in the top-left corner and then on “Copy to project” 

  • When importing a new Piece: When you create a new Piece from the Import menu, you will always be presented with the option to add it to a Project

Note: Copying a Piece from the Library or from a Setlist to a Project will duplicate it to create an independent Piece.