In Newzik, a Project is a collaborative Setlist shared between several users (band, choir, classroom, ...).

All pieces, parts edits made by a given member will be synchronized and replicated for all other members of the Project.

Projects are located in the "Shared Library" section. 

To invite a other user to join a project, one just need to tap on the invite button and use the dedicated sharing sheet to send the invite link via your preferred channel :


Here is a list of the actions that are shared in a Project:

  • Adding or deleting a Piece/Part/Media file
  • Reordering Pieces inside of a Project, and Parts inside a Piece
  • Changing the name of the Project
  • Changing a Piece’s metadata (title, composer, etc.)
  • Adding, removing and editing all kinds of annotations
  • Adding, removing and editing Bookmarks and Jumps
  • Adding, removing and editing annotation Layers
  • All actions made in the “Crop” feature
  • All actions made in the “Rearrange” feature
  • Synchronizing a Part with a media file
  • Transposing and resizing a MusicXML file


Here is a list of the actions that are not shared in a Project:

  • Changing display settings (Sepia, double-page landscape, etc.)
  • Changing page turn settings (Half-page turn, slow scroll, etc.)
  • Turning pages
  • Switching between individual Parts and Pieces
  • Launching the metronome
  • Changing the tempo and settings of the metronome
  • Changing the playback speed and pitch of a media file