Synchronize your MusicXML parts with a media file to have the cursor move perfectly in sync with the music.

Make sure you have a media file attached to your Piece and that it is activated by opening the media panel on the left side of the bottom menu bar. Open the Features menu ("..." button) and click on Synchronization in the Page Turn subsection.

To begin synchronizing, click on Play to start the music and create synchronization points by tapping on the notes at the appropriate time. The more synchronization points you add, the more precise your synchronization will be.

Click on the trash icon do delete your synchronization points.

Once your synchronization is complete, click on ok and play your media file.


Please note that when you import a MusicXML file, it will already be synchronized with its automatically generated MIDI file. Similarly, when you generate a MusicXML score from a MIDI file, it will already be synchronized.