It is possible to synchronize an audio or video file with a PDF part, so that pages turn automatically in sync with the music when you play the media file.

Make sure you have a media file attached to your Piece and that it is activated by opening the media panel on the left side of the bottom menu bar. Then, open the Features menu and click on “Synchronization”.

Click on the red record button in the bottom-left corner to start recording your synchronization. The media file will start playing and from this moment on, any page-turning operation will be recorded and attached to it. Just turn your pages following the music and click on the recording button again when you are done.

Now, if you press play, the pages will turn automatically.

You will notice that some lines appear on the play bar where page-turning events have been recorded: they are your synchronization points. If you slide through the play bar past these synchronization points, the pages will turn accordingly.

To edit your synchronization, simply move the play bar right before the section you want to redo and press the recording button again: synchronization points will be recorded over the old ones until you stop the recording.

You can also delete all of your synchronization points by clicking on the red bin in the top-left corner.

For more precision, a good trick is to slow down the speed of the media file before syncing. Once you are done, put it back to normal speed, and the synchronization points will be adjusted accordingly. Similarly, you can speed up your media file if you want to accelerate the process.