You can add as many audio or video files as you wish to any Piece.

To do so, open the Media Files panel by clicking the media icon on the left side of the bottom menu bar and click on the “+” icon.

Select the file-sharing service you wish to use (Google Drive or Dropbox), or click on Files to import media stored on your device or on iCloud.

To use other services such as Box or OneDrive, you must have the corresponding apps installed on your device. If you do, you will find their corresponding folders by choosing Files as an import option and clicking on “Browse” in the top-left corner.

After logging in to your Dropbox, Google Drive or iCloud account, you can navigate into your folders to select the media files you would like to add to your Piece.

If media files are attached to a Piece, a Playbar will be displayed in the bottom menu bar. Click on the play icon to play the media and use the cursor to navigate through it.