Newzik is compatible, and optimized for, the Apple Pencil (1st and 2nd generation).

The Apple Pencil uses Palm Rejection, meaning that you can rest your hand on the screen when you annotate, just like with paper. This also means that, once you have started annotating with the Apple Pencil, you will not be able to annotate with your finger anymore (unless you close and reopen the annotation toolbar).

2nd generation Apple Pencils support double-tap gestures: double-tap lightly on your Pencil to enter annotation mode, and double-tap again to switch between the last annotation tool used and the eraser, or between the last two annotation tools used (depending on your Apple Pencil settings, editable from the Settings app).

To deactivate double-tap gestures, go to your device’s Settings app, in “Apple Pencil” and “Double-Tap”.