The annotation toolbar comprises several tools. From left to right:


Click the trash icon to delete all annotations of the active Layer on the current page or on all pages.

Undo / Redo

Click on the Undo and Redo arrows to cancel your last actions.

Note: You can only Undo/Redo actions made after you last opened the annotation toolbar.


Select a pen by clicking on it in the toolbar. You can create as many different pens as you want. To create a pen, click on the circled “+” and choose its color, opacity and size.

Click again on a pen icon to edit it (color, opacity and size), delete it or duplicate it.

Straight Lines

Draw perfect annotations with straight lines. Press and hold your finger or stylus briefly at the start or end of the stroke to make it straight. You can also draw shapes like crescendo/decrescendo, squares, triangles, etc.

Once you have drawn a straight line or a shape, you can drag it around or edit it using the little blue squares.

If you have straightened a line or a shape by mistake, click on the undo arrow to bring it back to its original shape.

To edit a straight line or shape later, select the lasso tool and click once on the line or shape.


Click on the “b/#” icon to open the symbols panel. Choose the size and color of your symbols and select the symbol you want to add to your score. 

Once you have selected your symbol, click once anywhere outside of the panel to close it, and then click where you want to place the symbol.

For greater precision, press and hold when placing a symbol to use the magnifying glass.

Select a symbol and click on the star icon in the bottom-right of the panel to add it to your favorites. You can choose to display only your favorite symbols by clicking on “Favorites” in the top-left corner of the symbols panel.


Click on the text icon and then anywhere in your page to add a text box. You can change the size and color of your text by using the slider and buttons at the top of the virtual keyboard.

Use your finger or Pencil to drag the text box and place it wherever you wish, and use the blue squares on the sides of the box to change its size.

Click on the blue trash icon to delete your text box.

Note: Most Bluetooth foot pedals are recognized as external keyboards by the iPad or iPhone, which prevents the virtual keyboard from appearing. Please refer to this section to learn how to calibrate your pedal and remedy this issue.


To erase annotations, click the eraser icon and click the annotations you wish to erase.

In Newzik, the eraser acts as an “object eraser”, meaning that when you click on part of an annotation, the whole annotation will be erased.

Note: you will only be able to erase annotations in your current selected layer.

“Lasso” selection tool: edit your annotations

Use the selection tool to select, edit, move and copy annotations. You can choose between two types of selection tool: Lasso or square selection.

Using either of these tools, circle the annotation(s) you wish to edit. Once it has been selected, it will appear highlighted and you will be able to move it around using your finger or Pencil and enlarge it using a two-finger pinch motion.

Click the Copy/Paste icon to copy your annotation to the clipboard and click again anywhere in the page to paste it. Similarly, use the scissors icon to cut and paste. Click the trash icon to delete your annotation.

Note: you will only be able to select and edit annotations if they belong to the Layer you are currently working on.