Our built-in scan feature allows you to scan sheet music directly in Newzik, using your iPhone or iPad’s camera.

Please note that Newzik's Scan feature is only available for devices using iOS 13 or later.

To scan a document, click on “Scan” in the Import tab, position you document in view and press the shutter-release button (in “Auto” mode, the picture will be taken automatically, but we generally find the manual mode more convenient to avoid unwanted scans being taken).

The sides of the page will be detected automatically, and you can drag the corners to adjust. Then, click on “Keep Scan” and repeat the process to add more pages. Once you are done scanning, click on “Save”, edit your Piece’s details and choose to add it to a Setlist or a Project if you wish.

You can also scan a missing page and add it to an existing PDF part by clicking on one of the "+" icons in the rearrange mode (more on this here).

Note: it is possible to scan a maximum of 24 pages at a time. If you need to scan more than 24 pages, you can add more pages from the rearrange mode.

Additional Tips

When scanning sheet music, make sure that your iPhone or iPad is in the right orientation, i.e. in portrait mode to scan portrait pages, and in landscape mode for landscape documents. You can adjust the orientation of scanned pages after you have scanned them. To rotate a page, click on its thumbnail at the bottom of the scanning tool and click on the rotation icon in the top-right corner.

For best results when scanning sheet music, it is advised to choose the "Black & White" or "Grayscale" filter in the scan settings. You can either access these settings before scanning by clicking the filter button above the shutter release button, or afterwards by clicking on the page thumbnail at the bottom and clicking on the filter icon in the top-right corner.

For color covers, it is preferable to use the "color" or "photo" filters.

The screenshots below show the differences between the different available scan filters (click on the images to enlarge and see the differences more clearly).

Page scanned using the "Color" filter

Page scanned using the "Color" filter

Page scanned using the "Grayscale" filter

Page scanned using the "Black & White" filter

Page scanned using the "Photo" filter