To import your files, tap on + button (from the Home, Library, Setlist or Project sections) and select the "Import a File" option.

From their, your can directly import from Dropbox or from Files the sheet music stored on your device or on iCloud.

To use other services — like Google Drive, Box or OneDrive you must have the corresponding apps installed on your device. If you do, you will find their corresponding folders by choosing the Files option (first option in the "Import a file" window above).

To learn more about this setup, read this article on the Apple support.

After choosing your import source, you can navigate into your folders to select the material you would like to import into your Library.

You can select as many files as you want at the same time. After having selected your files, click Next; you will then be prompted with: “Do these files belong to the same Piece?”

  • If you answer YES, all the files you selected will be gathered in a single Piece, as individual parts
  • If you answer NO, one Piece will be created for each file. For instance, if you had selected 6 PDF files in your Dropbox, 6 Pieces will be created – each one containing one PDF file.

You can then edit your Piece’s details (Title and Composer) and choose to add it to a Setlist or a Project if you wish.

 If you want to switch accounts or log out of one of your cloud accounts, click on the green tick mark on the corresponding cloud service icon. 

Importing sheet music from Dropbox

Note: In addition to the file-sharing services available, you can connect your own server to Newzik. To do so, choose to import with “Files”, click on “Browse” in the bottom right, click the three dots in the top-right corner of the “Browse” panel and select “Connect to server”. Enter your server’s IP address or URL. Your server will then appear in the “Locations” section of the “Browse” panel. Please note that your server must use the SMB protocol in order for this feature to work.