Use the Rearrange function to organize the pages of your part, to duplicate or delete a page, and to add or insert pages.

Open the Rearrange mode by opening the Features menu and clicking on “Rearrange”.

Drag and drop your pages around to change their place in the Piece.


Under each page thumbnail are three icons:

  • Click on the "+" icon to add or insert pages (from the scanner, from your Drives, from your photo gallery or from a selection of blank pages).
  • Click on the copy icon in the middle to duplicate a page.
  • Click on the "#" icon to “uncount” a page (to uncount an added blank page in order not to affect the numbering of the Piece, for instance). 


Click on the Undo/Redo arrows to cancel recent changes and click on “Reset” to cancel all Rearrange changes.