Use the Rearrange function to organize the pages of your part, to duplicate or delete a page, to modify its orientation (landscape or portrait), and to add or insert pages.

Open the Rearrange mode by opening the "..." menu (on the top bar in Score modeand tapping on “Rearrange”.

Tap on the Grid button (on the right side of the top bar) to adjust the size of the page thumbnails:


Single page actions

Drag and drop your pages around to change their place in the Piece.


In addition, on each page thumbnail, you can access a contextual menu that allows to:

  • Move a page to another position
  • Rotate to change its orientation (landscape or portrait)
  • Duplicate
  • Uncount ( to uncount an added blank page in order not to affect the numbering of the Piece, for instance)
  • Insert pages from another part
  • Add or insert pages (from the scanner, from your Drives, from your photo gallery or from a selection of blank pages)
  • Delete

Multiple page actions

Tap on the Select button to access the grouped actions.

In this mode, you can apply to a group of selected pages the following actions (on the bottom bar): Move, Rotate right, Duplicate, Uncount and Delete.

Global actions

Tap on the Undo/Redo arrows to cancel recent changes and click on Restore to cancel all Rearrange changes (Revert back to its state as it was originally after the file import).

Notes on page rotation:

Modifications on page orientation will lead to overwrite the displayed PDF file, which prevent the ability to revert back to original file.

Moreover, if a duplicate page is rotated, its duplicates will be rotated too.

Also, all others parts which display this PDF file will be affected by these changes.