Newzik version 6.4 has just been released and is available on the App StoreThis version allows you to tag the pieces in your library in order to quickly sort and find them!

The piece details and the account view have also been reworked.

We hope you enjoy this new version! Please do write to us if you have any feedback.

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You can now create custom tags and add them to your pieces. This will allow you to easily categorize them into your own categories: instrument, artist, genre, etc.

You can create tags and assign them to your pieces from the new piece details view

In the pieces tab as well as inside setlists and projects, a new "Tags" panel allows you to filter your lists according to the tags you have created.

Use the new Tags panel to filter your lists of pieces. Here, selecting the 'Guitar' and 'Classical' tags shows all classical guitar pieces.

New Piece Details View and Batch Edition

The piece details view has been reworked and is now accessible by tapping on the "i" button of a piece.

You can now edit the composer metadata of, and assign tags to, several pieces at the same time.

Select pieces and click on "Details" in the top left-hand corner to edit the details of several pieces at the same time.

New Account Section

The account section has been reworked to be more user-friendly.