Newzik version 6.2 has just been released and is available on the App Store, bringing the Maestria optical music recognition technology to the Newzik App!

On top of this, Newzik Basic users can now create and use collaborative projects, and a new scan widget has been addd to the home screen of the app.

We hope you enjoy this new version! Please do write to us if you have any feedback.

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LiveScores: Optical Music Recognition

You can now convert your sheet music to LiveScores to automatically generate a MIDI playback and see and hear the music come to life!

Tap this button to convert your sheet music to LiveScores

LiveScores are generated thanks to Newzik's Maestria technology, combining powerful algorithms and deep learning technology.

The process can take some time depending on the number and complexity of the pages to convert, so please be patient! You can check the status of your conversions in the LiveScore dashboard, accessible from the home screen and the account tab.

Once your music has been converted, you will see a generated MIDI file in the media section of the piece. Click play to see and hear your music come to life! You can adjust your LiveScore settings from the features menu of the score view.

The tracking cursor automatically follows the MIDI playback

Click here to learn more about LiveScores.

New Scan Import Widget on Home Screen

It is now possible to scan new music into your library straight from the home screen.

Access to Projects for Newzik Basic Users


Free users of Newzik can now create and use collaborative projects.