Newzik version 5.8.0 has just been released and is available on the App StoreThis new version contains the following huge improvements to Newzik's collaborative feature: projects.

We hope you enjoy this new version! Please do write to us if you have any feedback.

New Synchronization Process

In previous versions, it was necessary to close and reopen a piece in order to fetch the changes made by other members of the project (parts, annotations, bookmarks, media files, jumps, playback sync data, page settings, etc.). In Newzik 5.8, a new "refresh" buttons allows users to fetch all changes without having to close the score. Whilst this might look like a small change, it actually has huge performance and reliability implications: edits will arrive faster and more reliably. What's more, you will now be provided with accurate information on the last time the piece was updated.

New Alerts in Projects

To prevent mishaps when using projects (e.g. a member of the project mistakenly deleting a piece), a new alert system will warn users when making edits that can affect other members.

New Layers Menu

The layers menu has been redesigned, and layers are now divided in two sections: the layers you own, and the layers owned by other members of the project.

You can now duplicate a layer, search for layers and hide/show all layers at once!

Last but not least, a layer is now automatically created for each member of the project that enters annotation mode on a given part. No more "default layer" leading to incomprehension: the new layer will be named after your username.

New Members List

The list of members of projects has been redesigned and now features a search bar.